Spiritual Materialism Around the Web: Sigfried Gold & Jules Evans

I worry my blog sometimes makes me sound like I’m more original than I am, fighting a lonely crusade. I don’t believe this for a minute, others have thought similar things for a long time. I intend this to be a regular segment (let me know if you’ve suggestion for a punchier title) here’s what others have been saying on spiritual materialism, or close approximations.

The Washington Post has an article on Sigfried Gold, an atheist who prays for the placebo effect and the rise of atheist spirituality in my native Britain! It’s not clear how Gold came to start praying, whether he read about research on it or came to it through subjective exploration.


Jules Evans, author of the splendid and highly recommended Philosophy for Life, has written about the study of subjective states associated with religious practice throughout history, with special mention to my favourite historical psychologist, William James.


I plan a look at similar ideas that thinkers have had in the past in a future post.

– The Spiritual Materialist


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